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The Exterior Wooden Work

Simple Ways To Refurbish The Exterior Wooden Work And Improve The Look Of Your House

Improve the look of your wooden cottage:

The Exterior Wooden Work

Vertical Cladding:

Vertical Grooved Cladding is designed to complement the look of any house. They are easy to do and can be carried out with eco-friendly materials. It adds a warm and traditional look to your house, but the best thing is that it can give your house a modern contrast look too. It can be quickly installed and is comparatively less expensive.

Natural Wood cladding:

In the process of installing wood cladding a lot of toxic materials are used that can harm the environment as well as the residents. Thus, Natural Wood Cladding is an excellent alternative. You can be as creative as possible as far as the design is concerned.

Weathered Wood:

The best thing about using the weathered wood concept for the exterior look of your house is that you need not have to look for an architect, a designer or a decorator. There are a lot of simple and creative ways to make this on your own.  This gives your house a farm house style finish. All you have to do is to make a new wood look old, and you are done.

Rustic Look:

The idea behind the rustic look is as same as the weathered wood, but the outlook is even better here. Apart from the classical look that gives your house it always gives your house the look of an antique. Distress the wood and mix up the strokes and strikes and now your home is ready with a brand new rustic look.

Mix the Materials: We realize that the concept underlying is wood, but there is always something nice when wood is mixed up with the other material. Be a little liberal and use materials commonly used construction materials it can be brick, cement slab, steel or anything else. At the end of the day, all that we want is to make the house look better than before.

Other Quick Tips:

Below given, are some of the simple but elegant ways in which you can improve the look of your house. They can either be purchased or can be made at home. Of course, except the stairs and railings.

  • Wood Screen and Wood shutters
  • Wooden Frames
  • Wood Trim
  • Ornamental Wood Work
  • Wood Stairs and Railings
  • Wood Panelling
  • Architectural Wooden Casework

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